Understand what turns you on with the EROTIC MAP practice! 😍

Understand what turns you on with the EROTIC MAP practice! 😍

Do you feel unsure about what you want or how you like to be touched during sex?


Some of my clients have told me that their partner has asked them what they want in sex, and what they like. And they respond saying that

They don’t know. đŸ€”


If you are unsure of what kind of touch turns you on, then that makes it much more difficult to express your needs and desires to your partner. 


Well, I have a beautiful practice for you to help with this, that you can start using straight away.

The Erotic Map practice helps you to:

  • Understand your own body better ✔
  • Have more of an understanding of what turns you on ✔
  • Have a way to communicate what you like to your partners ✔


My new Youtube video “Understand what turns you on with the Erotic Map practice” will guide you through how to do this practice and find multiple different types of touch that you like. 


In this video, I give you some examples with a visual demo of different ways you can touch your (or your partner’s) – breasts, labia, clitoris and yoni entrance. 


You can try out these examples and explore them, or use these ideas to spark your imagination for other types of touch. 


The point is to be explorative, and see which types of touch feel good for YOUR body.


Ready to try the Erotic Map? 


Watch the video below 👇


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