About Me

I remember the days when I felt a sense of guilt and shame about my sexuality.

I felt I needed to hide my sexual self. I had a body shame too — I always wanted the lights off when making love.

I had no idea what potential existed in my sexuality.

Then, working as a civil engineer, I started to feel like a ghost of myself. I felt disconnected; life had lost its depth.

I got sick and needed surgery.

This was a wake up call. I didn’t want to go on living like this and eventually came to devote myself to Tantra.

Fortunately, I feel so blessed now.

I’m Elisa, Tantric, sacred sexual shamanic and mindful sexuality practitioner. 🙂

I’m also Italian, love salsa dancing and chocolate.

Tantra showed me how to love myself as I am, with my light, my darkness, with my full being.

I’ve learnt to unleash my orgasmic potential and build body confidence, loving my body as it is.

Feeling free from shame and guilt around sexuality, I feel truly alive.

I discovered the immense potential in my eros, learning how to live with honesty, transparency and sacredness.

I’ve even healed myself through natural Tantric methods and avoided surgery.

Self-exploration, yoga and deep spiritual practices have always been part of my upbringing, but I really devoted myself to Tantra since 2014.

These are some of the traditional and shamanic Tantric trainings I’ve completed:

  • Agama Tantra Yoga (Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Thailand
  • Tao Tantric Arts (Teacher Training Course), Thailand
  • Tantric alchemy, Thailand
  • Agama Tantra (1 & 2), Thailand
  • Vinyasa flow Yoga instructor, India
  • Yoni massage practitioner training, Thailand
  • Lingam massage practitioner training, Thailand
  • Chi nei tsang level 1- internal organs massage, Thailand
  • ISTA Level 1, 2 & 3, Thailand, Australia, Italy
  • ISTA Practitioner training, Australia
  • ISTA Apprenticeship (ongoing)

So if you are looking for help in areas of sexuality, body confidence and unleashing your true SELF, get my free video series the multi-orgasmic women and unleash your orgasm potential now!

Stop dreaming about it. Start experiencing it now!