Hello, I’m glad you found me.



I’m August and I am here to guide you to your full sexual pleasure and potential.⁣

I create a safe space for men like you to connect deeply with themselves and reach new levels of pleasure.⁣

My sessions run for 2 hours. These include talk-based coaching and hands-on bodywork. They are tailored to meet you where you’re at and inspire you to keep growing into your full potential.⁣

I can guide you through tantric practices for healing and improved sexual performance, or you can soften into my skilled and experienced hands for deep relaxation and incredible pleasure where nothing is expected of you.⁣

Men come to see me for all sorts of reasons:⁣

– Have more control over their ejaculation⁣
– Have greater confidence⁣
– Heighten their arousal and libido⁣
– Relax and embrace pleasure⁣
– Learn to have full-body orgasms⁣

I can also help you with the following;⁣

– Harnessing the power of your sexual energy⁣
– Releasing old sexual patterns that may be holding you back⁣
– Erectile dysfunction⁣
– Premature ejaculation⁣
– Intimacy issues⁣

My clients feel the ripple effect after these sessions. They commonly report improvements not only to their sexuality, but throughout their everyday life as well.⁣

Becoming more conscious and empowered sexually will make you more aware and confident in every area of your life.⁣

– Sessions are on Mondays and Tuesdays from a warm, comfortable studio in Thornbury.⁣
– $480 per 2 hour session⁣
– Shower pre and post massage available⁣
– No extras – this is not a full service offer, I remain clothes and touch is strictly one way.⁣

A free connection call is the next step to booking in to begin your journey of pleasure!⁣