Date: April 14, 2019

Time: 9.00 am - 4.00 pm

Location: Gather, Melbourne

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A journey for women to accept their bodies, connect with themselves and understand their sexual nature

An enjoyable and dynamic experience. I learnt so much

– Liss Smith


Deepen your connection to your body, understand your sexuality and reach greater pleasure exploring different kinds of orgasms. Even if you think you can’t.


This one-day workshop will take you on a journey towards self-love and sexual empowerment.


  • Do you want to experience orgasm more easily? How about multiple orgasms?
  • Would you like more self-acceptance and self-love?
  • Are you confused about why your body will let you orgasm sometimes but not others?
  • Do you love sex, but feel like something is missing?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your body?


This workshop is about reclaiming your power and deepening your relationship with your body, in a way that’s authentically healthy, powerful and pleasurable.


We will create a safe space for heartfelt sharing, pure sisterhood and authentic expression. You will leave the workshop with greater understanding, acceptance and love for your body and sexuality.


Plus it’s going to be super-juicy!


Yes Please!


What makes this workshop different


This workshop focuses on mindful sexuality, embracing a holistic vision that draws on elements of Tantra, shamanism and modern psychology.


We will use various practices, including mindfulness, tantric breathwork, heartfelt sharing and sense-based meditation in addition to lecture, in order to celebrate sacred sexuality.


The workshop is perfect for beginners as well as people already familiar with tantra who want to go deeper.


“Thanks to Elisa’s workshop I now understand better myself and my needs. I have reached peaks of pleasure that I could never imagine before”

Hadelin Martinez


Yes Please!


What we will be doing:


  • Learn how to release limiting beliefsthat holds you back and feel empowered to speak your truth
  • Improve your intimacywith yourself and your partner(s)
  • Start releasing guilt, fear and shame about your sexuality
  • Cultivate a sense of abundance, gratitude, confidence and connection with your sexual centre
  • Accept yourselfas you are. Connect with a sisterhoodand discover how common your experiences are
  • Start your multi-orgasmic journey: discover how much pleasure you can have, and what you can do to access it.
  • Develop tools to enhance communicationwith yourself and your sexual partners


When you master your own sexuality, everything changes.


An unforgettable and powerful experience 

Ale Garza


What you will learn:


– Secrets of the multi-orgasmic woman.We’ll go through a series of practical exercises to help you connect with your body, get unstuck from your thoughts, welcome yourself and your body as you are, give yourself the permission to feel what is alive in you… and to express it without holding back!

– Raise awareness of your personal sexualitythrough guided meditations and practical exercises, designed to help you release blockages in order to accept yourself as you are.

– Theoretical knowledge of Tantraand how to apply it to overcome the taboos around sexuality

– Investigate the mysteries of arousal and pleasure,and deepen your knowledge of women’s sexuality by delving into the ins-and-outs of women’s anatomy from the latest science research.

-Emotional release through a dynamic meditation practise to connect with your deeper energies


This workshop is for you if…


  • You love sex but feel there is something more you want to explore
  • You feel bored in your sexual relationship and want to add some excitement and diversity to your sexual life with your partner
  • You want more confidence in bed and to give yourself a chance to experience the multi-orgasmic realms of pleasure that you’ve heard about
  • You don’t feel at ease with your bodyand want to strengthen your connection with it
  • You are feeling stuck in your sexualityand are looking for support and guidance to make positive changes


This workshop is open to LGBTQI individuals, couples, and anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of female body. All ages, backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome.


This workshop is about creating a safe spaceand this means you at all times have the power and permission to sit out of an exercise, although we encourage you to come in with an open mind and heart.


All activities are non-sexualand there will be no nudity involved.


We prioritise the comfort of every participant…after all, we want you to feel safe to reach for greater pleasure!


Date: 14th April 2019


Venue: Gather 

4 Alexander Street, Seddon


More info about the venue


Exchange: $150


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“I felt really safe with Elisa leading a workshop environment as not only is she a knowledgeable teacher but she is really good at holding space and making everyone feel comfortable. Her bubbly personality makes for an enjoyable and dynamic experience, and I learnt so much.”

Liss Smith


“Elisa is warm, professional and has a clear and gentle way to talk about topics that can be challenging at time. With her italian spontaneity she brings lightness and fun to the workshop.

She embody the beautiful presence of the safe caring masculine, and at the same time the nourishing loving feminine.

I have learned a lot about myself and my relationships thanks to her incredible work.

Her workshops are highly highly recommended. Thank you Elisa for bringing this work into the world!”

Irene Quintavalle


“I always had taboos around sexuality, growing up in a very traditional family I used to believe sex is something that gives pleasure to man and condemn women.


I had so many doubts, frustrations and insecurities [..] blaming my husband for not understanding my needs. Thanks to Elisa’s workshop I now understand better myself and my needs. I have reached peaks of pleasure that I could never imagine before.”

Stella Martinez


“I have been in a healing journey since I got extremely sick 5 years ago of what doctors said it was an incurable and untreatable disease.  I feel that my healing process has gone into a very profound level during the workshop thanks to the taboos I could break and the release of old beliefs.

It was an unforgettable and powerful experience. All of my intentions and expectations for the workshop were not only met but also exceeded.

Thanks Elisa for the inspiring and empowering experience”

Ale Garza



How intimate will it be?

Everyone will be clothed, you are in control at all times, and you can choose what you want to do. There won’t be any nudity, but there might be a saucy diagram or two!

What if I don’t have a partner to practice with

You are empowered on your own with your sexuality. You can become a multi-orgasmic woman without having anyone to practice with. In this workshop we provide the tools to learn how to give yourself the pleasure you deserve. You can explore this journey alone or share it with a lover.

Do I have to do anything or just sit and listen?

It is a practical workshop as well. As well as theory, there will be embodiment exercises to help you reach deeper levels of yourself and experience healing and transformation. You are always able to choose if you don’t want to participate and you can just sit and watch.

Do I have to prepare or bring anything for the workshop?

Just come as you are, arrive open to learning more and explore different paths. Bring a notebook and pen if you want to take some notes, a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated, and wear comfortable clothes. We will be seated on the ground and there will be plenty of cushions but if you feel you need extra support, bring it.

Who will be there?

Myself and a small group of amazing women that are willing to deepen their understand on sexuality and pleasure.


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