Pleasure and the Female Body

Pleasure and the Female Body

Date: September 1, 2019

Time: 10am-2pm

Location: Gather 4 Alexander St Seddon


Female pleasure is not prioritised or even well understood in our culture. This workshop is designed for couples and singles to learn together about female sexuality, pleasure and orgasmic potential.

In this workshop we combine knowledge of ancient tantric traditions and modern science to help shed some light on how female anatomy and pleasure works. We will explore the topics you have always wondered about and never actually had the right space to talk and discuss in a respectful, comprehensive and playful way. There will be opportunity to ask frank questions and receive real answers away from the confusing and shaming influence of mainstream media and culture.

This is a clothes-on, hands-off informative presentation in a safe container, for all genders, ages, singled and partnered.



General admission: $80

Bring a friend or Couple: $140





In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Feminine and masculine sexuality
  • Erectile tissue (yup, women can have a hard on!)
  • Pleasure anatomy
  • Secrets to unlock women orgasmic potential
  • The workshop will include a talk, some embodiment practices, Q & A, and plenty of space for discussion and sharing.


Just your beautiful self, some water, dress comfortably and a pen and pad to take notes if you want to write down this precious information!



I’m new to this. Do I need experience?
This evening is suited to people who are new to this work or have been exploring this for a while. We always go at the pace that you’re comfortable with.

Do I need to have a partner or is it okay if I’m single?
People of all relationship types (single, coupled, open) and orientations are welcome!

Is there any nudity involved?
This is a fully clothed workshop, there won’t be nudity and you are in sovereignty all the time.