The art of connections

The art of connections

Date: October 24, 2018

Time: 6.30pm-9.30pm

Location: Higher Truth Sandringham 2/254 Bay Rd Sandringham Melbourne, Victoria 3191


How to build fulfilling and harmonious relationship

Are you ready and open for deep fulfilling desirable, loving, and intimate relationships with yourself and with others?

Are you single and would like to attract someone who really meets you?

Are you in a relationship that’s already going well OR are you in a relationship that needs some work?

Come along and find out from Tantra Teacher Elisa Caro, how to weave Tantric principles in an intimate, meaningful, and loving relationship with self and with others.

In this truly beautiful workshop, Elisa will offer a potent, transformational space, where you can learn practical skills in the ‘Art of conscious Connection within relationships’. You will be able to drop the baggage that keeps you small, so you can step into new territory, and experience deep conscious and true connection, with self and others.

“Tantra opened my eyes, it really helped me to have a greater intimacy with myself and to look deep within. Thanks to Tantra I started to notice me own triggers, seeing deeply into my shadow and unconscious patterns. Through the light of awareness I was able to shift some very habitual behaviours that had been with me my whole life and made me unhappy, frustrated and sad”. – Elisa Caro.

Many people believe that Tantra is all about sex and in some ways it is, intimacy does include sex but Tantra is so much more than just sex. True Intimacy also begins outside the bedroom, it is about being able to create a place where we feel safe in a relationship, with ourself and others, where our unique feelings, thoughts and realties can be expressed, heard understood and honoured!

Deep inside us all, we want meaningful connection with ourselves and with others. We all want to feel loved accepted, and a sense of belonging. However, a lot of the time, we don’t know exactly how to achieve this – instead we play out predictable patterns and cycles that keeps us small and further away from the experiences we really want, which is true connection in relationships.

We all have unconscious patterns, fears, beliefs, behaviours and assumptions that can deeply impact our lives, often in very unhelpful ways. We are often triggered in relationships, and find ourselves yet again repeating unconscious patterns, reacting to people with frustration, anger, withdrawing and shutting down.

Listening to our emotions is the first step in recognising these patterns – rather than letting them run our lives. It is the difference between having emotion and them having us. Emotion gives us information, alerting us towards our underlying needs, like safety, connection, autonomy and respect. When our needs are unmet we feel unpleasant emotions and when out needs are being met, we start to feel more pleasant emotions.

Sadly, our modern society generally encourages us to ignore or repress our emotions. We overvalue rational thinking by living in a head centric world, developing fear and resistance toward our emotions. We instead, numb and distract ourselves, or react to what we are feeling, rather than listening to the information they give us.

What you will learn in this workshop:
*What is conscious connection? Learn some life altering and changing tools to creating conscious connections.
*How to take action with practical exercise to listen to your emotions and recognise your unmet needs, particularly when you have conflict with others. As you learn to do this (and it’s not that hard when you have the right tools), you will be able to get your needs met much better and will experience greater intimacy, ease and love in your relationships.

This workshop is for you if you:
*Want to engage in a fulfilling relationship with your partner, family, friends and colleagues.
*Don’t feel heard and understood by others.
*Have been hurt by a past relationship and want to heal the wounds.
*Want to find a meaningful relationship
*Feel disconnected from yourself and/or others.
*Are experience conflict in your relationships that never seems to fully resolve.
*Continuing cycles and patterns in relationships and can’t see why.


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*Do I need to be in a romantic relationship to benefit from this workshop?
Absolutely not! Good relationships start by having more intimacy and love with ourselves. Marriage begins with the marriage we have within us. Only then can we relate in authentic, loving ways with others. This workshop will definitely help you in your relationships with others, but is also perfect for singles, couples, and people of all relationship structures and orientations. This workshop is open to gay and young and old people from all walks of life.

*What shall I bring?
Your partner, a friend or just your beautiful self, and a willingness to open and grow. You also might like to bring a notebook and comfortable cushion and wear comfortable clothing.

*Will there be any snack provided?
Light refreshments will be provided.

*Can I bring my partner?
Yes you can! It is beautiful to experience this workshop with your partner, you will have an opportunity to connect at a deeper level, in a safe way, to learn to grow with each other.

*What if my partner doesn’t want to come along?
You can come by yourself (good relationships starts with having more love and intimacy with ourselves). You will be given tools to connect deeper with your being and learn ways to communicate and connect with others too.

*What is Tantra really about?
It is a spiritual path that actually embraces life how it is, the light, the shadow and the challenges of our being … everything is sacred and everything is an opportunity to evolve and grow. Tantra is a teacher itself. It is about cultivating deep awareness in every moment, using any experience to deepen the connection with yourself and the one.

*Why do we need to tune into our emotions?
Emotions are signals that give us information about our needs and how they can be met. It is important to connect to our emotions. Listening to our emotions is the first step to recognising unconscious patterns – rather than letting them run our life.


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