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"Elisa holds a sacred space for deep trust and release."

“Nurturing. Honest. Knowledgeable and kind. Spirited and passionate. Holds a sacred space for deep trust and release. I recommend Elisa to anyone struggling to connect with their inner fire and sexual nature. This woman is a healer.”

- Katie Underwood

Are you ready to embrace your sexuality, love yourself fully, and

Elevate Your Confidence?

But you're not quite sure where to start?

You. Want. More.


You’re not fully satisfied… Sure, you experience pleasure, but deep down you know that you’re only scratching the surface of your sexuality.

You have heard people talking about having mind blowing sex but secretly you silently wonder is there something wrong with me?

Sex feels good, but you find yourself trapped in your head wondering if you’re doing the right thing, if you’re taking too long, if you look good, if the other person is enjoying themselves…so much noise in your head which just takes you further away from fully surrendering and enjoying sex.

You’re wondering why it has to be so complicated. Maybe part of you even wants to give up trying.

Like, maybe you’re just not meant to get to know this juicy part of yourself.

But there’s another part of you that isn’t ready to give up. A part that isn’t ready to live your whole life knowing you are missing out on something vital.

A part that wants to reclaim your sexual power.

The first thing I want to let you know is that you’re not alone and you’re not broken. Everything you’re going through is totally normal. A lot of people have been where you are.

And let me tell you something else – you are ready to make this change.

You are ready to embrace your sexuality fully.

Let’s get you the support you need!

Imagine if you could...

I used to work as a civil engineer (I know right?!), surrounded by men, in such a heady environment, I grew increasingly disconnected from my body, heart and sexuality.

That disconnection made me feel self-conscious about myself, struggling to express myself sexually. I couldn’t ask for what I wanted or needed in the bedroom – or in life. I was lucky if I could have an orgasm during sex. But I needed the right rhythm, for the right amount of time, the right mood…

That disconnection got so bad, I ended up getting sick and was told I needed surgery. I said no to that and decided to heal myself through Tantra and other natural methods.

This healing journey meant reconnecting deeply with myself and reclaiming my sexual power.

It was a life-changing adventure.

I now feel deeper self-love, pleasure, authenticity and connection.

And have multiple-orgasms.

Every. Single. Time.
In the decade since, I’ve devoted my life to Tantra and have undergone extensive Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic training all over the world. I left behind my engineering career because I want to support people just like you to reclaim your sexuality, intimacy and power.

I want to heal the world, one orgasm at the time

After years of mediocre sex and suppressing my sexual potential, I realised I was relying on clitoral orgasm for quick satisfaction – rather than experiencing the mind-blowing pleasure of internal and full-body energy orgasms.

And I realised I was limiting my sexuality to the bedroom – rather than harnessing its power for healing, personal growth and empowerment.

In the decade since, I have helped over a million women around the world discover these secrets for themselves.

I’m so grateful to have discovered the path for women to awaken their sexual potential, and so excited about sharing this with YOU!

I call it the path of...

It is your step-by-step pathway for waking up to the goddess that you really are.

Every woman has a goddess inside, they just need to know how to access that within.

And that’s where I come in.

Let me share with you the tools, practices and knowledge you need to:
That’s why I share my knowledge and experience with you.

I want you to know that you are not alone or broken. There is a sexually empowered woman inside you – and I want to help you reconnect with her and embody her in the world.

Remember – how you show up in the bedroom is how you show up in life.

So when you unleash your sexual power, your whole life transforms.

Sexually Liberated Woman™

let’s go!

Sex is a fundamental part of who we are.

It is the source of our confidence and power. When we fully embody our sexuality, it overflows into every area of our life, leaving us feeling confident, self-assured and radiant. Let’s put an end to the shameful narrative around sex and instead help you harness your potential, pleasure and power!


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What Other People Say About Working With Me

“The work with Elisa has been very transformative.”

“Elisa is the best sexual coach I ever met. I did a few of her workshops and her openness and kindness helped me trust her and open. The work with her has been very transformative. She shared with me so much knowledge about tantra, anatomy, pleasure and orgasms and things I’ve never.”

- Shelly Kuraij

Ready to awaken more pleasure, deeper connection and whole body orgasms with the wisdom of