Hello, I’m glad you found me.



Hello, I’m Jaime-lee. I am a Ceremonialist, Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker.⁣

I believe in the power of somatics – the magic of the body, of movement, of breath and of eros. I believe that all we need to know is stored within the very tapestry of our flesh and bone.⁣

I am here to support womb-holders in feeling safe to create a relationship of deep listening to the inner whispers of their bodies. ⁣

My sessions run between 2 to 3 hours and is likely to include coaching, somatic exercises, ceremonial modalities (energy work, clearings), and touch-based bodywork. Each session is guided by you and your body to meet you exactly where you are at. ⁣

Vulva-owners come to see me for a variety of reasons:⁣
– disconnection from womb⁣
– genital numbness⁣
– Inability to orgasm ⁣
– sexual shame⁣
– feeling erotically blocked (low libido)⁣
– desire to feel more pleasure ⁣
– desire to be more connected to their body⁣

Some of the bodywork modalities I offer are:⁣
– Yoni massage⁣
– Vulva mapping⁣
– Anal mapping/massage⁣
– Scar remediation ⁣

With training in Somatic Sex Education, Sexological Bodywork (acquired through Institute of Somatic Sexology https://instituteofsomaticsexology.com/) and my experiences with shamanic practises and ceremonies, my sessions fuse ritualist modalities with modern somatic practices that create deep synergy between your soul and body.⁣

My clients leave me feeling more anchored and at home in their bodies, with a clearer felt sense of their desires and agency, they gain access to new realms of pleasure they never knew were possible. ⁣

Contact me at 0433 698 530 and let’s start this powerful reclamation of your eroticism!⁣

With love,⁣