Mindful Sexuality: An Introduction to Tantra (Livestream)

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Mindful Sexuality: An Introduction to Tantra (Livestream)

September 27, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Most of us live high-stress lifestyles punctuated by busy schedules, connected more with our phones than ourselves and our bodies. Our minds run the show, making check marks on an ever-expanding to-do list. This off-kilter focus affects our creativity, sexuality, relationships, and sense of self and our place in the world.

But tantra provides a remedy.

What is tantra? This ancient Eastern spiritual practice is almost impossible to define but often described as a way of life that can lead to personal transformation and enlightenment. In this class, we will use tantra as essentially mindful sexuality. Anchor yourself in the present moment, connect deeply with yourself and with others and explore new pathways for pleasure and ecstasy.

This is a super accessible experiential workshop in which there will be a combination of theory, sharing, sense-based meditation, embodiment exercises, and breath-work.  We’ll explore what tantra means and perform simple (clothes on, PG-rated) touch meditation.


What you’ll get out of the workshop:

  • Get an introduction to Tantra
  • Learn about the physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies in relationship
  • Discover how to connect genuinely and deeply with yourself and others
  • Deepen the connection with your self and the present moment
  • Learn simple and powerful practices to develop a present, vibrant and fulfilled sexual life
  • Experience how breath, sound, and movement can revolutionize your mental, physical, and sexual wellbeing.

This workshop is appropriate for singles, couples, and people of all orientations and genders. You’ll only do the stuff you want to do—you’re in your personal sovereignty 100% of the time.

The class is fully clothed and, while it relates to sexuality, it involves non-sexual interaction.


Exchange: $60 AUD


Through workshop I realized that I overlooked how important developing healthy attitude to sexuality is. We tend to neglect this part of our lives, get shy talking about it and sex is just one of these “things” we do rather than talk about or analyze. But there is a way to dive deeper into it, make it more satisfying and soul enriching and Elisa’s guidance is the best way to do it.”



I feel this workshop is relevant in the sexually oppressed world we live in to everyone wanting to find more meaning and connection not only to themselves but their partners. I was impressed with the quality of the workshop technology wise and even through zoom was able to discern Elisa’s professionalism and charisma through the screen. She has a charm to her that makes her a pleasure to listen to and her openness makes for a refreshing presentation.”



“I feel like after I got over my awkwardness, it was so nice to actually know that I was not alone in wanting to know more about sex and seeing other people talk so openly and having fun at the workshop is really comforting. We had a lot of fun at the workshop, it gave my and my partner a lot to think about.”

Carmen and Aidan


“I attended Elisa’s Mindful Sexuality workshop a couple of weeks ago and found it to be such a nourishing learning experience. Elisa creates a comfortable and calm environment (even through virtual sessions!) for learning and sharing the space with other likeminded individuals. I’m so very grateful for the experience, as well as the other sessions I’ve attended this year. I look forward to attending future workshops and learning more about connecting with my mind, body and myself.”



Frequently asked questions:

Is it clothes on?

Yes, there won’t be any nudity.

How ‘intimate’ is the workshop?

This workshop relates to sexuality, but doesn’t involve any erotic touch!

I’ve never done this sort of workshop before. Is it appropriate for newbies?

Yes, it’s an introductory workshop. Tantric teachings will be explained in an easy and understandable way.

Who is this workshop for?

For everyone, every gender, and every age, whether you’re single or in a relationship(s). It’s for anyone who wants to expand their view of sexuality and connect on a deeper level with themselves.

What to bring:

An open mind, dress comfortably, your beautiful self.

Get your ticket now!!



September 27, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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