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Sacred seductress

June 13, 2020 @ 10:00 am - June 14, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

$275 – $330

Conscious stripping. A tantric initiation. 

Embrace your sexiness by learning Tantric Erotic Dance.


The arts of sacred seduction are lost in our culture, our bodies and bedroom. We’ve put so many ‘shoulds’, shame and guilt around our body, sensuality and the way we dance. Seduction has become a script. We’ve lost the effortlessness and confidence of movement in our body. Especially in the gaze of another!


You deserve to feel at home in your body and express your sensuality with ease, grace and power. To ignite yourself and your partner!

I have never felt so empowered in my own body.”

(Jaime-lee Willoughby)

Taught by a Tantrica and an ex-erotic dancer, this workshop blends erotic dance techniques with the sacredness of tantra. You’ll learn to you reclaim your ability to be effortlessly seductive: confident, at home in your body, juicy. You’ll learn to take direction from your own body, not scripts of how you ‘should’ be.


“It truly helped me connect to my body and mend my heart. I’m a changed woman and I look for to sharing my new found expression!” 

(Jennifer Ferguson)




  • Be the master of your sensuality.
  • Own your pleasure and ignite your passion.
  • Play with erotic energy.
  • Drive your partner crazy with desire.
  • Release shame and and embody effortless sensual power.
  • Find self-love and self-cherishing
  • Feel more connection with your body
  • Learn a unique routine to take yourself and your partner on a wonderful sexy journey


It’s practical, so…




  • Dance techniques
  • Tantric tools, meditations, breathwork and theory
  • Embodiment practices
  • Tantric tools to master your erotic energy
  • Tools to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you down
  • An authentic and juicy dance routine

This workshop is for women (trans and non-binary welcome too, of course).

“It was a life-changing week end. It had impacted me profoundly, I have been feeling juicy and alive since the workshop.”

(Fiona Harvey)

A picture is worth a thousand words, so watch this video to get a clear sense of what you will experience:


Watch the video

“It is like my true womanhood has been unlocked and i have been able to feel constantly juicy and confident since the workshop.”

(Sally Crow)


For this 2-day workshop, a take-home routine, playlist, and follow up resources, it’s:


BRING A FRIEND: 2 Tickets for $275 each – $550 total

There are limited concessions available for students and lower waged folks. Contact me.





13-14 June – Lower plenty (Melbourne)

10.00 am – 5.00 pm Saturday and Sunday, Optional Ritual Sunday 7pm -9pm


Own your pleasure.

Know your power.

Dance with your erotic energy.





“I arrived broken hearted and carried old wounds linked to my sexuality, I honestly did not anticipate the end result.

 Elisa created a space were ideas could grow and were expression was nurtured, I felt very supported as she guided us through last weekend’s workshop. I was able to understand and connect with what was offered even though I’m relatively new to Tantra. And, through the exercises, I learnt to drop expectations, let go of fear and just be!

 Receiving her work has helped deepen my ability to love, love myself and all those I cross paths with. I met such a wonderful group of women who now feel like family!

It truly helped me connect to my body and mend my heart. I’m a changed woman and I look for to sharing my new found expression!” (Jennifer Ferguson)


“The sacred seductress workshop was incredible! [..]Elisa held such safe space for us women where we all felt free to express and surrender to the practices and new ideas.
I already considered myself a sexually “free” woman however the workshop allowed me to release hidden pain and ignited a stronger fire within my sexual being. I have never felt so empowered in my own body.”

(Jaime-lee Willoughby)


I left this weekend workshop with the highest body confidence I’ve ever had in my whole life, a sense of what true connection felt like, and most importantly, a sisterhood of strong, likeminded and amazingly powerful women.
Elisa held space for all of us to learn and come out of our shells, in an environment that thrived on women supporting women, not comparing, judging or shaming. I feel so embodied as a woman in my feminine, it’s changing how I’m showing up and people are noticing it!!”

(Rosie Arnold)

I feel wonderful. It is like my true womanhood has been unlocked and i have been able to feel constantly juicy and confident. […] I’ve noticed deeper connections with anybody I talk to – more intense eye contact and seeing them deeper for who they are. It’s a beautiful feeling.
Every morning and night I have made sure to dance to a sexy song. I love being able to express myself openly in this way.
The ritual was so beautiful!!! My witness and I just went to this whole new level on togetherness. I loved it.
Thank you Elisa for being you and all the wonderful work you do.
You are truly a goddess. I feel blessed with you in my life.”

(Sally Crow)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀



You are worthy of pleasure.

You are worthy of love.

You can express your desires.

Remember how.

Join us.






Me, Elisa Caro.


I’m a sacred sexuality and Tantra teacher and I’ve also been an erotic dancer.


I’ve been exploring Tantra and sacred sexuality intensively since 2014, but my family taught me about self-exploration, yoga and deep spiritual practices from the age of eight.

After my Engineering degrees, I lost track of my sacred spiritual connection. I started to feel like a ghost of myself—not fully me, not enthusiastic about life. I also was carrying so much shame and guilt (common in our Western society!).

I didn’t want to live life feeling this way and eventually came to devote myself to Tantra.

Tantra showed me how to come as I am, with my light, my shadows, with my being. I learnt how to live with honesty, transparency and sacredness. And how to heal myself from a reproductive illness (no surgery required!). With vibrance and true aliveness, Tantra has helped me live my truth.

I feel alive. I feel the depth and beauty of life.

I love how Tantra is about merging with the self and with life. Tantra is about going deep into the experience of life on Earth, embracing it fully. Tantric meditations are like the meeting ground between soul and flesh

I have been living and breathing it, with all my being. I healed myself through Tantra meditations and techniques and I have a wide, embodied knowledge of different lineages and teachings.


I’ve developed a unique approach to conscious stripping and erotic dance that brings you closer to yourself and your partner. I am sharing my long-earned and favourite secrets with you in this special workshop.






Do I need a partner to participate?

Absolutely no, here you will learn skill that will help you in your solo and with a beloved


Do I need dance experience?

No! all levels are welcome. I will be giving different option for different levels and remember: we will learn some techniques but the main part is the embodiment. Let me help you in feeling sexy!!!! And own it fully … o yus!!!


Do I need experience in Tantra?

No, I will be teaching Tantra fundamentals, tantra breath-work, meditations and different tools. I will be guiding you all the way through!


Who else is gonna be there?

Me and another bunch of explorative sisters ready to be playful and open.


What should I bring?

Water, comfortable dressing, a snack, paper and pen and the most important… your beautiful self!


What if I don’t feel comfortable to do an exercise?

I believe in sovereignty! You can step out of any exercise if you don’t want to participate


Are there concessions or discounts for students or lower-waged folks?

I want this journey to be accessible for everyone. PM and we can arrange something 🙂


You are worthy of pleasure.

You are worthy of love.

You can express your desires.

Remember how.

Join us.



June 13, 2020 @ 10:00 am
June 14, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
$275 – $330


Vines and branches
27 Bonds Rd
Lower Plenty VIC, 3093 Australia