Melbourne Tantra

Melbourne Tantra is thriving. This city is full of great workshops and experiential events exploring Tantric arts, mindfulness and sacred sexuality.

We’ve got a huge, active and very lovely conscious community here.

For me, Tantra goes beyond sexuality. Tantra means saying yes to life and in all its forms. It is authentic expression of the self.

In the journey to becoming more Tantric, dance, attending workshops, practicing mindfulness and meditation, reading books and seeing practitioners for private sessions is all part of it.



Check out my upcoming workshop here! I offer workshops on Tantra and mindful sexuality to help people connecting with their body, pleasure and confidence.

Tantra community Melbourne + conscious community Melbourne are two excellent Facebook groups that share a range of conscious events, parties and workshops. Like these pages to be updated on what’s happening.

ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) is an international organisation that facilitates one-week retreats in Melbourne a couple of times a year. It’s truly epic. There are various offerings. The one-week level-1 Training changed my life.

There are also a number of Melbourne Tantra ISTA body-worker and practitioners in the city (I am one of them) and you can book private sessions with any of us.

Body-workers offer all sort of sessions, from coaching to tantric massage, from informative sessions to shamanic rituals. It’s a great way to unlock your orgasmic power and to connect your sexuality with your heart, soul and consciousness.

Moving your body, letting go, surrendering to authentic Self is so key in Tantric work. Dance is a fun and powerful avenue for this.



5 Rhythms dance is a form of movement meditation. During the class you will be taken on a wave of different rhythms, you’re given the space to dance and express yourself freely.  Get back into your body, release tension & stress, connect deeper with yourself.

Mojo dancing is an awesome way to connect in a safe, sensual and playful environment. It’s a dance in which you can create connections with other people beyond words—you allow your bodies to speak. There is a really safe container and you are not asked to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable to do. The best! The host of the event is a charismatic practitioner and friend, Jules Sutherland.

You’ll meet lots of great Melbourne Tantra folks there.

Do you like to sing? Do you like to express yourself through chanting? Tantra is also about devotions and Bhakti yoga is a beautiful practice. I loved it. If you resonate with it too check out:



Kirtan Melbourne: Chanting mantras allow you to go into a deep state of trance and go beyond thoughts and connect with your heart. It’s a very profound practice. This is a Facebook group in which you can be posted on the upcoming Kirtans in Melbourne.