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Do you want to learn new tantric skills to become a mind-blowing lover?


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Hi, I am Elisa Caro, Sex & Relationships Coach.

I’m a passionate devotee of chocolate, salsa, and TANTRA!

Originally trained as a Civil Engineer, I quickly realised building bridges wasn’t my calling. What excites me more than connecting cities is connecting PEOPLE – with their bodies, sexuality, and each other!

Besides, spending all day in my mind left me disconnected from my body and soul – and yearning for something greater.

I re-trained as a Sex and Relationships Coach and now help clients around the world have more fulfilling relationships and better sex lives.

Melbourne Tantra is thriving. This city is full of great workshops and experiential events exploring Tantric arts, mindfulness, and sacred sexuality.

We’ve got a huge, active, and very lovely conscious community here.

For me, Tantra goes beyond sexuality. Tantra means saying yes to life and in all its forms. It is an authentic expression of the self.

In the journey to becoming more Tantric, dance, attending workshops, practicing mindfulness and meditation, reading books, and seeing practitioners for private sessions is all part of it.


I offer tantric coaching and bodywork to help you expand your sexuality.


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Most of us live high-stress lifestyles with busy schedules, connected more with our phones than with our body and soul. Our minds run the show, making check marks on an ever-expanding to-do list. This off-kilter focus affects our creativity, sexuality and relationships. Over time, we start losing touch with our sense of self and our place in the world.

Tantra provides a remedy.

So…what exactly is tantra?

This ancient Eastern spiritual practice is almost impossible to define but is often described as a way of living that leads to personal transformation and enlightenment.

Through hands-on work and coaching, let me help you let go of performance anxiety and fear of intimacy and instead step into your power as a masterful and mind-blowing lover.


“During our 1:1 sessions I have experienced multiple FULL BODY ORGASMS coming in waves of ecstasy, my heart opening and a powerful flow of energy between my heart and genitals”
Max Gilbert


I will help you:

  • Feel confident as a lover
  • Master the art of conscious love-making
  • Control your orgasms and ejaculation
  • Learn to please your partner and give her multiple orgasms
  • Build body confidence
  • Relate with sex in a more mindful and fulfilling way.


I use a range of hands-on modalities in bodywork sessions including tantric massage, sacred spot massage, emotional release, movement-based embodiment practices, and tantric practices including breathwork and mindfulness meditation.


“Elisa has helped me to experience pleasure & self-confidence BEYOND what I could have ever originally dreamed, seriously.“ – Ricky Maloney


Sessions are tailored to your own specific needs. We will discuss (and honour) your boundaries so that you’ll always feel comfortable and 100% in control.

If you want to feel confident in bed, step into your power, and master the art of conscious lovemaking, get in touch! I would love to support your journey!


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What other people say


Elisa has helped me to experience pleasure & self-confidence BEYOND what I could have ever originally dreamed, seriously. Not that long ago I had all of the typical insecurities men have and now after a handful of sessions with Elisa, I feel so empowered and my relationship with my partner is better than ever! All my crazy fantasies are coming true and I feel extremely comfortable exploring my desires without any shame, guilt, or negativity. Furthermore, my business and career have also benefited – I recently negotiated a significant compensation increase in a consulting contract that I previously never would have done had I not learned to state my boundaries and communicate my needs effectively. Thanks, Elisa!

Ricky, Consultant




I consider myself so lucky to be guided by Elisa on my journey to become a more relaxed, confident person and a better lover for my partner. Before working with Elisa the spark was lost between my partner and me, and I was really nervous to take the step to seek help to reignite our relationship back. Once I met Elisa I already felt this is one of the best decisions I made to enhance our love life. Elisa is an extremely caring, genuine, and warm person, once we started talking all the nervousness melted away due to her kind nature and her aura of positive energy that fills the space she holds. On our 1:1 sessions, she taught me so much about bodywork, Tantra, positive communication, and letting go of old habits and she could easily detect where the problems were and provide expert and friendly guidance on how to fix them. I can already feel the spark, love, and more pleasurably intimacy coming back into our life, we are more connected than before and this is only the start of the journey. Thanks so much, Elisa.

Max, Network architect




Elisa’s feminine energy is intoxicating, I feel loved, cared for, and safe. Her guidance allowed me to surrender fully into the experience. During our 1:1 sessions I have experienced multiple FULL BODY ORGASMS coming in waves of ecstasy, my heart opening and a powerful flow of energy between my heart and genitals.

I also experienced an altered state of conciseness that stayed with me for days after our session and is still quietly in the background of my every moment, it’s like a taste of enlightenment teasing me, tempting me, calling me go deeper and embrace who I truly am.

Elisa’s ability to intuit my needs and her willingness to give so fully of herself with love and an open heart is a precious gift that I will be eternally grateful for, I can’t recommend Elisa enough. I look forward to continuing to work with her as my personal journey continues evolves.

Nathan, mechanical engineer