Women's Officer, Monash University

I am the women’s officer for Monash University and we hosted a workshop with Elisa. It was life changing. Not only did I find the experience empowering and informative, but I have received so many heart warming messages from other people who came. So many people said their sex lives immediately improved and that it was the first time they’d felt so safe to explore and own their sexuality. Elisa I’m so proud of what you do and so thankful for this experience. Can’t wait to do more work with you in the future!


Marketing consultant

Yoni massage experience & poetry. Today I dived deeper. A deep journey of healing and ecstasy. A journey into my yoni, my heart, my body. Ever expansive, ever evolving. My mind wanders to a memory of my first yoni massage, four years ago. There was contraction, shame and fear reigned. My guarded heart felt tender, my body felt scared to be seen, to be touched. My yoni part terrified and part yearning. […] I felt seen deeply, beyond my physical body, beyond my fears and stories. My guarded heart melt like chocolate to a flame, soothing every atom in my being. Today the journey continued, 7 massages deeper, the change in me is quite astounding. My heart has softened. My yoni has opened. My body has surrendered to new pleasure. My expression is free, wild, raw, waves of ecstasy flow up my undulating spine. My yoni sends me messages, ever clearer, communicating her needs and limits. I reach peaks of pleasure that, I didn’t know were possible. The feelings build inside me moans and growls escape freely, pain has become pleasure. Explosive orgasms take over my body. Opening me a little bit more each time. An unfolding, an awakening, a blossoming. I feel radiant, centred, empowered. Journeying into the depths of my being. A journey of healing ecstasy. I feel love, acceptance, wholeness. A journey of opening and remembering. I am safe. I am home. I’m a changed woman

Irene Quintavalle

Yoga teacher, Byron bay

Elisa is warm, professional and has a clear and gentle way to talk about topics that can be challenging at time. With her italian spontaneity she brings lightness and fun to the workshop. She embody the beautiful presence of the safe caring masculine, and at the same time the nourishing loving feminine. I have learned a lot about myself and my relationships thanks to her incredible work. Her workshops are highly highly recommended. Thank you Elisa for bringing this work into the world!


Healer, Sydney

Such an incredible blessing to have had the opportunity to receive coaching from Elisa. By providing an immaculate space as well as a fine model for our session, she enabled us to go through step by step with mindfulness what is entailed in a Lingham Tantric Massage; airing a sense of finesse as well as balance of coaching, intuitive guidance/counsel & checking in with our model & myself throughout. Thanks to her coaching she has enabled me to expand not only my line of work, but also my personal life & relationships. I could not recommend her expertise enough, her passion & a lifetime of work shines through & she goes above & beyond!

Ale Garza

Marketing consultant, Melbourne

I have been in a healing journey since I got extremely sick 5 years ago of what doctors said it was an incurable and untreatable disease. I feel that my healing process has gone into a very profound level during the workshop thanks to the taboos I could break and the release of old beliefs. It was an unforgettable and powerful experience. All of my intentions and expectations for the workshop were not only met but also exceeded. Thanks Elisa for the inspiring and empowering experience

Stella Martinez

Civil Engineer, Madrid

I always had taboos around sexuality, growing up in a very traditional family I used to believe sex is something that gives pleasure to man and condemn women. I had so many doubts, frustrations and insecurities [..] blaming my husband for not understanding my needs. Thanks to Elisa’s workshop I now understand better myself and my needs. I have reached peaks of pleasure that I could never imagine before.

Liss Smith

Writer, Melbourne

I felt really safe with Elisa leading a workshop environment as not only is she a knowledgeable teacher but she is really good at holding space and making everyone feel comfortable. Her bubbly personality makes for an enjoyable and dynamic experience, and I learnt so much.