The Shower of Love™ (Overcome shame with this powerful Tantric practice)

The Shower of Love™ (Overcome shame with this powerful Tantric practice)

A 2013 California University study found that..


Sexual shame has a negative impact in pleasure and sexual functioning. 


If you stop and think about it, it sounds obvious right? 


Less obvious though is if we are experiencing sexual shame in the first place. 


Sexual shame can be insidious. 🥷


Sexual shame can present in many ways, so that sometimes we don’t even realize that we are carrying it. 


Signs you might be experiencing sexual shame are:


  • Feeling self-conscious about expressing your needs 🙊
  • Second guessing what you should or shouldn’t be doing during sex 🤔
  • Your body shuting down when you are going to have sex/during sex
  • Feeling guilty or secretive about m@sterbating – like no-one should know, hear you, and you might be thinking is a waste of time and you should be doing something else instead
  • Feeling self-conscious even talking about sex (with you partner and/or friends) 🤭


Our sexuality is like  a fire 🔥 – when we shame it, dismiss it, or feel guilty about it, it’s like we are  throwing water on the fire and as a result, it gets smaller and smaller 🌊


But, when we celebrate our sexuality, and own our pleasure without any shame, it’s like adding wood to the fire, making it bigger and bigger! 🔥🔥🔥


So, how can we overcome ingrained sexual shame and become more accepting of our sexuality?


I’ve got a PERFECT practice for you. 





If you want to transform


  • Feeling self-conscious about your sexuality —> to feeling accepting and empowered by it 
  • Feeling your body shutting down when you make love —> to feeling connected to your orgasmic potential
  • Feeling insecure about your erotic self —> to feeling confident in your sexual play


Then, my new Youtube video is for you!


In this video I unpack sexual shame, reasons why we all have it built within us, and how to unlearn these shameful beliefs.


This amazing video comes with a FREE downloadable audio guide of  The Shower of Love practice (one of my favourites!)


This is a simple yet amazing practice that supports you to honour and celebrate your sexual self


I still do it myself, and have guided many clients through it that has really helped them to increase their self-love.


It’s time to say yes to pleasure – you deserve it




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