Is Tantra All About Sex??

Is Tantra All About Sex??

When I speak about Tantra with people they either don’t know the word or they think it’s just about sex.

Ok, let’s set the record straight.

When I found Tantra, I fell in love with it because it says yes to LIFE. It’s a path toward enlightenment that actually embrace life how it is, with the light, the shadow and the challenges… everything is sacred and everything is an opportunity to evolve!

In Tantra, life is a teacher itself. It’s about cultivating deep awareness in every moment, using any experience to deepening the connection with yourself and the One.

The 80% of the teachings of Tantra, of the oral transmissions of the Masters are about SPIRITUAL AWEKENING. Maybe between 15 or 20% at the most have to do with sexuality. Tantra techniques include oral transmission and initiations from a Guru, rituals, yantra, asana, mantra, Pranayama and much more.

Tantra (actually left-hand Tantra) includes sexuality because it is a way to say YES to human experience as it is. Sexuality as divine union. It is seen as a sacred practice is therefore included on the Tantric path.

Tantra sees sexual experiences are not a friction of genitals but a way to open the heart and nurture the spirit.

Sexuality is not a practice for pleasure only, but it’s rather a spiritual practice. Other spiritual practices define desires as toxic to our soul. Tantra has a different view. Given that desires are just an illusion, it teaches you how to use such energies to wake up and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Of course, Tantra requires a high level of spiritual commitment. The act of becoming one with someone else, the act of merging with someone else and sexuality in all its forms can be tricky. I mean, relationships. Woah. Generally, there’s a lot of … triggers, discovery, enmeshment, expansion that we need to move through.

Here’s a metaphor to explain: On the top of the hill there is enlightenment, Tantra is a short cut that goes directly up, without making any curves to sweeten the slope. It’s as quick as dangerous. But playing with pleasures without having a high level of spiritual commitment (pure intention) can mean you slip and fall back to the bottom of the mountain.

That’s why your consciousness, awareness, intention, commitment and purity in this practice is so important.

So, Tantra includes sex and pleasure—our full human experiences—as a path to enlightenment. There is nothing bad about pleasure! Mind-blowing orgasms, multiple orgasms and long lasting pleasure are a “side effect”, but not the aim. There is another depth that can be reach with the willing to open to it. Pleasure is a powerful portal to experience penetrative awareness.

At the peak of pleasure in conscious connection with yourself, with another, desire itself disappears and you enter the void.


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