Sacred Blood

Sacred Blood



A lot of women struggle with their menstruation.


I’m often asked…


“How can I stop my menstrual cramps?


“I hate my period! How do I relate to it with ease and acceptance?


Many women relate to their bleeding as a mere (and often annoying) function of the body instead of celebrating it.


I remember getting cramps… Feeling terrible emotionally and physically and being upset with my body because it was stopping me to do what “I had to do”…


I didn’t have time to stop!! Why is my body being so annoying and getting in the way? Why won’t it just let me BE in peace and ease??


The truth is that a great deal of the pain, prior and during our moon, is due to ignoring our feminine essence and connection with our sexual organs.


Relating to your bleeding as if it is a friend and not an enemy is the key to more ease and freedom with your cycle.


Yes, it’s important to make your monthly bleeding your bestie!


So, how can you shift this relationship and start to embrace a conscious menstruation?


Check out the VIDEO to find out how to reduce pain and start to consciously connect with your moon!


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