STOP the mind chatter during sex

STOP the mind chatter during sex

During sex do you find yourself thinking about work? Or about the things you need to do tomorrow?

Our minds are so busy and they clash with our capacity to feel pleasure. 

I’d like you to turn the clock back for a moment, to a time when you had a mind-blowing sexual experience. Hold it in your mind. Got it? Great! 


What were you thinking about? How conscious were you about irrelevant things that were perhaps going on around you? I have a sneaky suspicion that I know what you would say…


AROUSAL IS A NON-ORDINARY REALITY. It’s a trance that builds up slowly and gradually. The depth of the trance largely depends how long you have been building arousal up for. When we are aroused, our focus on bodily sensations is amplified, whilst our perception of pain is diminished. Our heart rate increases, our blood pressure rises, and pleasure takes over, guiding our moves. The rational conscious part of our minds starts to shut down, as thoughts about our day-to-day lives fade away and we lose awareness of time.


We become utterly enrapt in the moment. FULLY PRESENT. 


Arousal trance is an alternate state of consciousness. And it’s our birthright. Sadly, due to self criticism and all the sex-negative conditioning we have learnt, it can be really hard for many of us to ride the wave of this breathtaking pleasure trance. 

The good news is that we can learn how to “undo” this conditioning and reclaim our arousal trance! 




Dropping deep into the trance allows us to enjoy our erotic experiences so much more and helps us to ride the wave of pleasure and ecstasy. There are many ways to recondition ourselves. So so many! Tantra was my antidote and my way to rediscovering sexuality. There are many powerful Tantric tools, rituals and breath-work exercises which I I love and I find that one of the most powerful yet most simple ones are actually MINDFULNESS and MEDITATION. 


Simply RE-LEARNING HOW TO BE IN THE MOMENT helps us to let go of the mind’s chatter and focus on the present. All you need to do is sit quietly for few minutes each day, observing your own thoughts, observing your own mind. 


It’s such a simple practice which brings such amazing results when you’re building up into that arousal trance! Trust me! Actually, don’t trust me, try it and see what happens! I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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