Women Can Have a Hard On!

Women Can Have a Hard On!

I remember being a teenager, experiencing engorgement in my vulva and vagina and getting confused. I used to link engorgement with inflammation, and thought something bad was happening. It was confusing and frustrating to feel pleasure and think that something was wrong with my pussy at the same time!


I wish I knew then what I know now – that women have the SAME amount of ERECTILE TISSUE as men.


Oh, you didn’t know that either?!


I wrote this article for Elephant Journal about why you must understand the female pleasure codes to experience amazing sex.


Read all about it here!


  • Greg

    May 4, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    I wonder if this is this something that women experience, but don’t characterize as a ‘hard on’? Is the difficulty in achieving orgasm through intercourse largely due to not getting enough foreplay stimulation? Communicating that to a partner may be necessary, especially if the partner has a ‘shorter fuse’ and that hasn’t been worked out between the two of you.

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