Come back HOME: return to your BODY

Come back HOME: return to your BODY

Many people in Western society believe that medical science has all the answers. We have been taught to give away our power to doctors and follow their advice, rather than listening to our body’s own innate wisdom. Over time, many of us have lost touch with this wisdom, making us dependent on medical science to cure our ills. Instead of appreciating the signals our body sends us, we often label them as: symptoms or problems – things to be fixed.


This is an unfortunate situation. Although I think there is so much knowledge in medical science I also believe that we should listen to the wisdom of our bodies. The two should work together. Listening to the signals that your body is constantly sending you is essential for wellbeing. This lets us recognise when things are out of balance and tune in to what we need.


What if we turn to the messages of our bodies and recognise them for what they truly are?


I was raised by a very spiritual family who emphasised repeatedly to me to me since I was a kid that “Your body is a temple” and “you are the best doctor for yourself”. My wise parents used to say to me “who else could know your body better than you?”


Although I was lucky enough to have such a great upbringing, a few years ago I was facing a minor health problem that would have required surgery. What did I do? Instead of listening to the wisdom of my body I went straight to the doctor and said “Yes please take it out!”


I thought it was an easy, quick and wise solution. I couldn’t be more wrong.


I booked my surgery at the hospital and I felt horrible. I felt disconnected from my body and my intuition. Inside I felt broken, like I needed fixing. I was sad that my body was not functioning properly and I didn’t know why and I felt powerless because I needed external help and couldn’t do it myself.


My mother, wonderful bastion of body-awareness and wisdom that she is, forced me to face the situation from a different prospective. She challenged me, which was totally frustrating and so true at the same time. I couldn’t ignore her.


I always remember her words.


“Amore, this is a minor disease, what if your body is telling you something? What if you could hear those messages and understand they are showing you how you are abusing yourself? Pause, breathe, look within and find those answers.”


I reluctant agreed and looked within. Quickly I became sad with the recognition that I had almost abused my own body by getting surgery I didn’t need.


Thanks to the advice of my mother, I cancelled my surgery and I decided to cure myself through yoga, meditation and changing my diet. Through listening to the needs of my body I manage to re-establish a balance within my being and I felt another level of connection with myself. I felt more confident in my self and reclaimed my own power by healing without surgery. I took back my power and felt more at ease with my being. It felt awesome!


I am deeply grateful for Western medicine and for all the suffering that it eases and lives it saves. Yet I would love to see more effort by people to hear their body’s wisdom and to at least try to heal themselves by listening. I would love to see more people engaging in a healthy lifestyle instead of abusing their own bodies for years and then, ignoring all the signals their body is trying to give them, at then the first sign of disease running to doctors to be fixed.


I know from personal experience that it can be difficult and scary to listen. It implies a lot of responsibility. I understand. But then again, how hard is recovering from major surgery or taking medication every day? It really is worth the effort.


What if medical science and listening to our own wisdom could work together? What if we could teach our kids to connect with their body signals as an ally instead of an enemy? What if we could build a society in which there is a cooperation between mind and body instead of a dictatorship and dominance by the mind?


I heal myself through Tantric yoga, meditation, and devotion. I am endlessly grateful for this ancient tradition which has added a lot to my life.


I now try my best to always connect with my body, to hear the messages that are coming from within. I don’t rely merely on doctors but I do welcome medical science when I can’t find the answers. This approach is so different and it has radically changed the quality of my life.


How do you relate to your body? Do you hear to the wisdom that is coming from within and the signals that your body is giving you?


I offer coaching session to help people to connect with their inner wisdom, listen to the needs of their body and build a healthy relationship with themselves and their sexuality. If you would like to book a session with me write me a message or check out my upcoming workshops.


I would love to help you to come back home to your body and its wisdom.




  • Hade

    August 15, 2018 at 10:37 am

    What’s the actually meaning of listen to your body? How do you get to really know what your body is saying? Any meditation technique?

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