5 Reasons why masturbation is good for you

5 Reasons why masturbation is good for you

I just completed a Self Pleasuring challenge. Every day, for 10 days, I started my morning with loving self touch.


It felt loving and nurturing. I really loved exploring myself, discovering new ways of touching my body, opening up new pathways to pleasure.


For centuries masturbation has been seen as sinful. Teenagers were (and still are!) taught to be ashamed of their sexual desires. Worse still, self-gratification was professed to bring problems and disease! The myths and superstitions were really quite incredible. They actually believed that this “sin” could lead to things like acne, blindness and impotence! Not to mention granting you a ticket to Hell!


Well guess what?




Here’s why:


  1. BOOST YOUR LIBIDO: It activates your erotic energy! The more you play with your erotic body, the more sexually awakened you’ll feel!
  2. UNDERSTAND YOUR BODY AND SEXUALITY BETTER: When you know what you like, it’s easier to be satisfied sexually. How can your partner know what to do if you don’t know yourself? Learn what works for you and then show your partner… not everybody is a mind reader! 😛 and yes it is sexy and empowering to talk about what turns you on!  
  3. IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH: Self pleasuring reduces stress, and we all need less of that! It boosts the blood flow which is really good for our hearts. Are you feeling a bit sad? Touching your body is the best remedy! Self pleasuring gives us a natural high, releasing oxytocin and dopamine – the endorphins that make you feel awesome and open.
  4. EXPERIENCE SELF ACCEPTANCE: Self pleasuring is a natural confidence booster. Connecting with your body in this way will get you accepting yourself as you are. You usually make love with someone you like (or love) right? Well guess what, when you make love with yourself you will progressively fall more and more in love with your beautiful body, sensual nature and erotic self. Massive win!
  5. AWAKEN MORE PLEASURE AND SENSITIVITY: for women it is healthy to give ourselves an internal massage, to activate the sensitivity of our inner walls, releasing tension and stuck energy. This will awaken numb areas and release stuck emotions could be causing you pain.


Ok enough reading, go and try! 

This week challenge yourself and practice self pleasuring with love, presence and erotic touch. Take time for yourself and enjoy your body and erotic flow.

Drop me a note and let me know if you had fun or how your experience was! If you feel stuck in any way and you want to learn more about your sexuality or connect with your body on a deeper lever, I’ve got a bunch of great workshops coming up in Melbourne for women sexuality! join me 🙂 


Look forward to hearing from you!


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