1. Don’t start with a goal in mind
  2. Don’t rush this, take some time for yourself
  3. Use breath, sounds and movement to increase your pleasure and the connection with your body.  


Bonus: if you have a partner, teach him/her what you like and what feels good for you! Once you master this communication piece, your sex life will never be the same again!! 😀


Let me explain what I mean:


  1. Don’t start with a goal in mind. One of the biggest obstacles in achieving a state of pleasure and expansion is going in with expectations. Think about it, if the standards you had in mind are not met, disappointment and frustration are almost guaranteed. What a way to ruin your experience! Go with the flow! Allow your touch to be guided by pleasure, presence and love. Even just giving yourself love is a very pleasurable experience. It doesn’t need to be super orgasmic. The most important thing is to connect with your body. The more you connect with your body, the happier you will be in your relationship with yourself and others.

For men: do not always aim for ejaculation. Allow yourself to play without ejaculating sometimes. This in turn will help you to enjoy the journey ao much more, and it will help you last longer too!


  1. Don’t rush this, take some time for yourself. When we are in a rush, part of our mind is elsewhere, which stops us from being fully present in the moment. Part of you is concerned about the time frame, worrying about wrapping up quickly. Like most things, when you allow more time, when you have patience and you’re willing to invest fully, the outcome will be so much more powerful and fulfilling.


  1. Use breath, sounds and movement to increase your pleasure and the connection with your body.  Breath, sounds and movement increase pleasure because they allow stuck energy to flow and help to keep your mind from wandering off too. Don’t imitate the sounds you’ve heard other people make! We’re not making a porn film for goodness sake! Be genuine and find your own way. Try different rythms and pitches to find your unique blueprint of authentic expression. I know sometimes it feels weird. It can feel “wrong” or sinful to be so passionate and engage all the senses. Well guess what?? This is just a product of the sex-negative society brainwashing we have all been exposed to for too long. I know it’s hard to let go of our deeply engrained limiting beliefs but I assure you it’s possible. It also may feel really forced, awkward and perhaps embarrassing at first. My advice? Try it out. For the next 3 months, use breath, sound and movement every time you make love to yourself (or your partner). I promise you, it will start to feel more natural and less weird the more you do it. You’ll soon realise how amazing it feels to reach these new levels of ecstatic pleasure!


If you want more sex tips or want to understand these topics on a more personal level, I’d be delighted to chat about it further. It would be my absolute pleasure to guide you on your journey. It changed my life and I’m passionate about helping others embark on it. Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


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