Womb Meditations

Womb Meditations

When was the last time you gave your BEAUTIFUL WOMB some love?

Maybe never? Perhaps you’ve never really even considered that she might need some TLC? Lots of my clients tell me this when we start working together, but get totally blown away when they learn to LOVE THEIR WOMB.

Here are two gentle, guided meditations that will help you connect with your feminine essence and cleanse your womb energetically.

Giving your womb some love can help you:
· Bring awareness to your yoni
· Release tension, trauma or stuck energy
· Strengthen your connection with your sexual organs and heart
· Help you feel your connection with the divine feminine
· Relieve menstrual pain
· Expand your sexual energy and creativity

I created these two meditations to help you to call back the creative power of your feminine essence in a harmonious way, strengthening the connection between Mother Earth, your womb, your heart and the universe.

So, find a comfortable position, close your eyes, place your hands on your lower belly and allow my voice to guide you.

Did you love these meditations? Feel challenged by it? Please let me know your thoughts and give me some feedback by commenting below.

I want to continue to create meditations for you, so if there is any specific topic you would like me to focus on, please let me know.

Happy womb-loving!

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