Self Pleasure Morning Ritual & Meditation

Self Pleasure Morning Ritual & Meditation

For centuries, masturbation has been seen as sinful. Teenagers were (and still are!) taught to be ashamed of their sexual desires. It’s something they suppress or do behind closed doors – quickly jerking off or rubbing one out before mum catches them!


Well guess what? 




Like, really, REALLY good for you.


I know it’s not easy. Many of my clients experience a whole bunch of resistance at the start when I give them self-pleasuring and self-love practices. 


A lot of this resistance is about allowing themselves to touch their body and awaken erotic energy and pleasure. There are lots of stories that get in the way of doing this, lots of shame.


That is why I created this short self-love morning practice to help start your day by gently touching, honouring and celebrating your body. It is a quick and beautiful practice. Try it and see how different your day is when you start it in such a beautiful way. 

Drop me a note and let me know how your experience with the practice was! Did you love it? Did you notice resistance come up?


If you feel stuck in any way and you want to learn more about your sexuality – or just connect with your body on a deeper lever – I’ve got a bunch of great women sexuality workshops coming up in Melbourne that you will love! Join me


I really look forward to hearing from you!


Credit for the music: 

  1. Return to your body – Parijat
  2. Floating Sweetness – DJ Drez

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