Sex & Smell

Sex & Smell



We live in a country in which we try to hide our smell so much.


The myth that our bodies smell disgusting seems to be socially accepted. F*ck that! This is so against our sexual nature and how we are meant to be.


Our smell is essential in understanding our attraction towards another person.


Male pheromones affect women. When a woman smells a man’s sweat, she has access to a lot of information. Studies have even shown that women are attracted to the underarm sweat of men whose DNA is unlike theirs. And they are repelled by men who have similar DNA to them.


Have you ever noticed how you love the way some people smell, but are repelled by other peoples’ scent?


It’s visceral, beyond the control of our logic mind!


Not only that, but a study from George Preti – Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia found that male pheromones affect serenity levels. This shows that when women smell the scent of their partner, it actually calms the nervous system down, which supports their serenity and reduces stress.


It is really important to understand that our smells are beautiful as they are, and they are essential in making our nervous system relax.


I personally love putting my face under the armpit of my partner and love when he doesn’t put on any deodorant so that I can just sniff his unique scent. I just love his natural smell and it arouses me even more when we make love.


I understand that not everyone will enjoy your body smell, and therefore in certain situations we want to smell more neutral.


This is obviously appropriate because we don’t want to force everyone around us to smell us if they don’t want to.


I get it; however in my opinion this idea has been taken way too far, to the point that we are constantly self-conscious of our smells and feel ashamed of them. We even feel that we must hide it from our lovers, masking it with copious amounts of deodorants and perfumes.


Let me tell you something… Your smell is perfect and beautiful as they are!


Honestly, I feel sad for all of the people that have been convinced to believe that their smell is wrong and therefore feel forced to hide it with tons of strong deodorant.


Burying their natural treasure that does not even need burying in the first place.


In conclusion, natural smells are very important in our sexual response, in our level of arousal, in calming of the nervous system, and even in choosing a partner.


Yes, even in choosing our partner.


ALWAYS REMEMBER! Our fragrances are uniquely healthy, beautiful, and arousing.

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