Full Body Orgasms

Full Body Orgasms

Also known as Energy orgasms or Tantric orgasms; you might have heard of this beautiful, ecstatic type of orgasm if you are at all interested in Tantra. ⁣

You might be wondering “Do they even exist?” or “Maybe other people can have them but not me.” Well, I want to tell u something – full body orgasms definitely exist! They are amazing, and it is much easier to unlock them than you might think.⁣

Within a few months of starting practices, a lot of my clients have been able to unlock that certain capacity whereby their sexual energy can experience the full body orgasm. For some clients this has been possible within just a few weeks! It is just such a wonderful and ecstatic experience; people often get blown away by it.⁣

So, what are the benefits of full body orgasms and how can they happen? ⁣

Well, in Tantric tradition, out sexual energy is considered to be sacred. It is something that is celebrated rather than something that is diminished or shamed. Btw If you want to know more about Tantra, click here.

In Western society, orgasms tend to go something like this: There is a build-up of sexual energy or sexual tension, and then there is this release through explosive orgasms such as ejaculation for men or peak orgasms for women. We can visualize it like a mountain – you go up, up, up, then there is the explosion, and then you come back down the other side. This explosive release often leaves us with a sense of feeling relaxed, and also maybe a bit tired. These kinds of orgasms can deplete our energy – we can picture that common image of the man rolling over after ejaculating. ⁣

In Tantra, the way to have an orgasm is quite the opposite of this. Tantric ideology believes that sexual energy is something we can harness; and therefore the orgasms that we can feel are more like implosive orgasms, rather than explosive. Rather than a rapid release of energy, the sexual energy can be circulated within ourselves. This kind of implosive orgasm supports our path of expansion. ⁣

Unlocking full body orgasms first requires learning the skill of moving energy through our bodies. One of the main benefits of moving energy, or subliming energy, is that it can take us into a state of ecstatic bliss. It can literally shift our state of consciousness. What makes it so amazing is that it can take us to another world, to another planet. It can also really support our spiritual connection and spiritual practice. These energy orgasms support us to deeply connect with ourselves, as well as letting go of the chatter in our minds, and ultimately reaching a space where there is more peace.

Another amazing benefit of moving energy is that it works at transforming a heavy mental and emotional state into more into more pleasant emotional state. This practice of moving energy was a big part of my mental health in Covid lockdowns. At times when I feel a bit down, or am doubting myself, I will make love and sublime energy and move it through my body until I reach this orgasmic state. ⁣

When I reach this blissful state, it is literally able to transform that depression, that sadness, that insecurity into bliss, ecstasy, pleasure and radiance. It really is such an amazing feeling!⁣

If there was a pill that you could take and it would completely transform your sex life and mental state, wouldn’t you use it? ⁣

Well, we actually don’t even need a magic pill! Learning to sublime energy is something natural, free and beautiful; and yet we don’t utilize its full power. We diminish it and shame it and don’t learn how to utilise sexual energy in such a transformative way. So, I highly encourage you to take your magic pill and give it a try!⁣

So, how can I make these happen for me?⁣

One very simple practice that you can use that will start drawing sexual energy all through your body to utilise the breath. There are so many ways to sublime energy, from yoga poses to qigong to breath work. Another one is sex. There are a LOT of practices that can be included in sex; and one simple one that you can start to include right now is to breath deeply when you make love. That’s all. Sound too simple? I’m telling you; deep breathing is truly the key. Keep your breathing slow and deep whilst you make love (with your partner or on your own). When you are almost feeling the climax, imagine or visualize that you are moving the energy from your sexual centre all the way up to your heart. ⁣

If you want to learn more about the secret of tantric sexuality, watch out for my Intro to Tantra online course that is coming out very soon!⁣


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