Unleash Your Creative Power

Unleash Your Creative Power

I believed for so long that…


I can’t create.


Creativity is something I wasn’t blessed with, so just deal with it!


Creative talent is not needed in my life, so why bother?


Believing this, I developed my left brain: I studied Civil Engineering.


Problem solving and logic? Yeah! I can do it, give to me something to solve! Creative arts? Nope! Not for me, I can’t do it!


There are a lot of misconceptions around creativity. Many people (like I once did) believe that inventiveness is an innate skill and can’t be learnt, that you either have it or you don’t.


Guess what…


EVERYONE has a creative power within! You can reawaken your dormant creativity and bring a spark back into your life. Just as our body can strengthen muscles you can develop your creative muscles and become creatively toned.


What I see now is that during my years at university, I repressed my creativity, along with my life force and my sexual power. I ignored my right brain— the intuitive and creative centre of my mind—for so many years. Exactly where my juice was!


Through Tantric practices, I have learnt to allow my sexual energy to flow as well as my imaginative and creative power.


And I’m so glad because creativity brightens life: it’s vital in our life to feel alive, radiant and empowered.



“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties” – Erich Fromm –


Creativity can’t be systemized; it can’t be controlled with a simple switch from the mind. She” (I love to refer to creativity as a SHE) comes when you relax, she comes when your LIFE FORCE is free to FLOW and EXPAND, and she comes when you are centred and empty.


If you don’t feel creative you can’t just push it from your mind, you need to change your way of being in that moment to allow her to come. Like a gardener preparing the soil and creating the conditions for the plants to flourish and grow, you can prepare the conditions within your self for creativity to arise.


Next time you want to be creative and you feel stuck follow these few steps and create your magic:


  • Relax. What helps you release stress and tension? Walk in nature, meditate, practice mindfulness, go to the gym, go to Yoga, play with your kids! Anything that allows you to bring your nervous system to ease. I find very helpful to go in nature, meditate or literally tune in with my body and relax my asshole (we often hold so much tension in the anus)
  • Nurture yourself and let love flow. Cuddle your body, take care of your self with loving presence. You might want to take a bath, cook your self a good meal or have a cuddle with your partner.
  • Activate your life force, your erotic body. Let Eros flowing trough your body. You can activate it trough Tantric mediations, breath work, love making, self-pleasuring and much more! Yes, Eros is the bestie of creative energy, let your life force to flow and wonderful ideas will come to you. If you have trouble letting your Eros flow I am available for private sessions, PM me!
  • Surrender to the power of creation to move trough you. Ask your deeper self, your Soul or the Universal Consciousness to express itself through you. Be an EMPTY vessel for ideas to run. Detach from the thought that it’s YOU doing something. It’s essential to let go of control, the need to be perfect and go beyond the attachment to the outcome


Magic will come! Trust me.


When we create from a tense mind it might be good but it can’t be magical. When you are in the flow everything is in tune and you move effortlessly trough the HOLY moment your arts can touch other people heart.


When you create in the flow your mind step back and you “You are it (the creative process) and you are witnessing it at the same time” —Mooji.

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