Have THE BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE with these 3 simple tips

Have THE BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE with these 3 simple tips

Would you like to become a better lover? Feel more pleasure in your sex life? And feel more connected with yourself and your lover(s)? 

Tantra & conscious sexuality can help you with that! 


Our society is very focused on goal-oriented, transactional, objectifying and superficial sex. We see sex and sex tips everywhere but all too often the messages we receive tend to be focused only on performance, orgasms and how we look. 

This lead to dissatisfaction and confusion. 

The key to better lovemaking is to actually connect on a deeper level with yourself and your lover(s).

Here are my top 3 tips + practices to a better sex life.


How to improve your sex life with conscious sexuality





1. ) PRESENCE – We are often caught up in our mind – wandering in fantasies, worried about how we look or if our partner is having a good time, or thinking about work and things we need to do. Basically, focusing on everything but the moment itself.

PRACTICE: train your mind. Your mind is like a muscle. Be mindful during lovemaking. To practice mindfulness, simply stay present. Every time your mind wanders, bring it back to the sensations of your body, your breath and how (or should that be “who”) you are feeling.



2. ) BREATH & SOUND – Often our breath is on autopilot. The breath is a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind and breathing consciously can allow access to much more pleasure and sensations.

PRACTICE: if you are self-pleasuring, slow down your breath to feel your body and its sensations more. Exhale through your mouth and make a gentle sound – like a sigh – as you do so. If you are making love, try to synchronise your breath. Take 3 deep breaths together, looking into each other’s eyes as you do so. Breathing together can start to make you feel like you are one single being. It will exponentially enhance your connection with your body and theirs, and ultimately help you perceive the currents of energy flowing between you both. Start by taking a single breath together –  but remember that the more you do it the better you will feel! 



3. ) EYE GAZING – we often have our eyes closed when we make love, focusing on our own pleasure. But this disconnects us from the person we are with. Remember – the eyes are a gateway to the soul, and keeping them open will enhance our connection with our lover(s).

PRACTICE: open your eyes during lovemaking. See the beauty and depth in your beloved – and allow yourself to be seen. Don’t objectify them but see beyond their physical appearance, beyond their masks and personality. Feel right into the alive, conscious being you are with.


Trust me, these tips will level up your sexual experience.


Actually, don’t trust me! Try them out for yourself and witness the effect of these powerful tools in your own sex life. 


Bear in mind that in the beginning, everything that is different and out of your comfort zone might feel weird. I know that every time I change something in my own way of behaving, it feels super hard at the start. I see the same thing all the time with my clients. The advice I give my clients is to try out new tools & practices a few times before coming to any conclusions. Feel how they feel in your being and try them multiple times, knowing you are literally rewiring your brain (and habits) as you do. Yep, neuroplasticity is a thing! However, it requires time.


PS: try these tips one at a time. It might be overwhelming to do them all at once  


If you would like more support on your sexuality journey, please reach out to me! I would love to guide you into reclaiming more connected, satisfying and sacred sex <3

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