Pleasure School: #1 lesson

Pleasure School: #1 lesson

Women, pleasure is your birthright!

Women often give away their sexuality, feeling like it is for others rather than for

I feel sad whenever clients tell me that they make love because they think this is what they
are supposed to do – rather than because they want to. It makes my heart heavy how
many women tell me they focus on pleasing their partners rather than enjoying their own

Your sexuality is for YOU! For your OWN enjoyment, pleasure, growth and connection.
Not for others.

Let’s start with lesson #1 in your Pleasure School journey.

Breast massage

Yep, it’s a thing! An AMAAAAAZING thing.

You can receive so much pleasure from massaging your breasts. In fact, you can even
experience orgasms from it! I absolutely adore nipple orgasms, but only a few years back I
would not have even imagined that my breasts could give me so many pleasurable

Massaging your breasts will help you to develop more sensitivity, release tension, balance
hormones, increase oxytocin (the love hormone), connect with your sensuality, reduce
pain and swelling and open your heart space!

What if there were a pill, with no side effects, that would give you all this? You would
definitely take it, right? Yet somehow, when it comes to us giving ourselves some love and
attention, we often don’t do it.

Give yourself this gift. Your body and breasts deserve your attention and love ☺

You can massage your breasts over your clothes, or on your bare skin with massage oil or
cream. My personal fave is massaging my bare skin with almond oil, but just do whatever
you feel most comfortable with.


Part 1: Hold Me

Rub your hands together vigorously to make some heat, and then close your eyes and
place your hands over your breasts. Just hold your breasts and take a few deep breaths.
Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

How do your breasts feel?

And how do you feel towards your breasts? Do you judge them? Like maybe you don’t like
their size, or their shape, or maybe you think your nipples look weird?

With each outbreath, try to let go of any judgment about your breasts.

Relax in the moment, with love and presence.

You might even decide to tell your breasts what they need to hear – things like “You are
beautiful, you are safe, you are sacred”.


Part 2: Round and Round

Start to move your hands in a circular movement, down on the outside and upwards on the
inside, start slow and gently and then vary the strength and speed as you like.

Do 18 circles in one direction and then change direction so you are now rubbing from the
outer circle of your breasts towards the centre.

Bonus: close your eyes as you are doing the massage and offer a smile to your breasts.


Part 3: Free Flow
How do your breasts like to be touched? Can you allow your hands to explore different
movements, pressure and touch? Follow your pleasure and explore your breasts with
curiosity and love.

I absolutely adore massaging the base of my breasts, underneath, where they touch my
chest. It feels sooooooo good!

But, we are all different. What do YOU like?

After doing these three exercises, give yourself a hug.

Have fun with your booby play. You can experience so much connection, bliss and
pleasure <3

Allow your body’s wisdom to guide you.

If you would like to learn more exercises to awaken sensitivity, pleasure and connection,
reach out to me! I would love to help you have better sex, more orgasms and more ease in
your eroticism.

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